How to Fix a Drainage Problem Yourself

If you’re having trouble flushing your toilet, the first thing you should check is the water supply valve. If it’s not fully open, you may have a leak. Also, check the water supply line to make sure it’s not dripping water into the house. If the water level in the tank is very low, the problem could be the float arm.

If you have a plunger, you can often fix a clogged toilet yourself. To use a toilet plunger, simply insert the plunger into the bowl. Make sure that the plunger is in the water until it forms a seal. Using a rhythmic pumping motion, a plunger will help you free the clog.

While calling a plumber for simple toilet repairs can be very expensive, you can save money by tackling it yourself. You can buy a repair kit, which can be used to replace worn or damaged toilet parts. However, if you’re unable to perform the repair yourself, you should leave it to a professional plumber.

Another common toilet repair is to check the ballcock assembly. If neither the float ball nor the tank ball are at fault, then the ballcock assembly may be the culprit. If the ballcock is malfunctioning, then you can try to remove the ball by unscrewing a pair of thumbscrews on the valve plunger. You should also check the lift wire and guide. If you find that both of these parts are worn or damaged, the valve will not close properly and the toilet will continue to run.

Lastly, a broken toilet handle may require replacement. To remove a broken toilet handle, first disconnect the lift chain and handle mounting nut. Then, remove the arm from the tank and insert the new handle. Finally, secure the lift chain and turn the water on to see if the new handle flushes. A clogged toilet can also be fixed with a plunger or with a chemical drain opener.

When attempting to repair a toilet yourself, it’s a good idea to use an old piece of carpet to lay out the fixtures. A bucket and sponge should also be handy. A flathead screwdriver is an excellent tool to remove plastic caps from the bolts. For those who have separate tanks, they should be attached to the bowl with the help of bolts. If the bolts are missing, they should be replaced with new ones.

Oftentimes, a toilet seat can also be replaced. Replacement seats are available from your local hardware store. To replace the seat, you’ll need an adjustable wrench and pliers. First, you’ll need to remove the seat cover. After that, use the wrench to loosen the nut at the top of the seat. Afterward, slide the seat off and install the new one. Another common toilet repair is a loose flush handle. If this is the case, you should remove the tank cover and inspect the flush chain.

If your toilet is overflowing, the problem could lie deeper in the pipes. If the toilet is constantly overflowing, there could be a clogged sewer line. If the problem is too severe to repair with a plunger, it is best to hire a professional handyman. Various techniques can be used to clear a clogged toilet, including drain snaking, rooting, and hydro jetting.